Dwyer Instruments International

Dwyer Instruments, Inc. produces a broad range of competitively priced precision instruments for measuring, transmitting and controlling pressure, temperature, level and flow.

Many of these instruments are widely known by their individual brand names, such as Magnehelic® and Spirahelic® pressure gages, Photohelic® switch/gages, Rate-Master®, Mini-Master® and Visi-Float® flowmeters, Slack Tube® and Flex-Tube® manometers, and Dwyer® pressure switches.

Other established Dwyer brands, including Flotect® flow and level switches, Hi-Flow® valves, Self-Tune temperature controllers and Iso Verter® signal converters/isolators, are the products of companies that are now divisions of Dwyer Instruments – Mercoid, W. E. Anderson, Proximity Controls and Love Controls.

Founded in 1931, Dwyer Instruments, Inc. moved its manufacturing and headquarters from Chicago, Illinois, in 1955, to newly constructed, greatly-expanded facilities in Michigan City, Indiana. The company has since added three more Indiana facilities in Wakarusa, Kingsbury and Wolcott as well as manufacturing facilities in Anaheim, California; Fergus Falls, Minnesota; and Kansas City, Missouri.

In addition to making and selling quality precision instruments, Dwyer Instruments, Inc. is committed to a standard of customer service, including competitive prices and knowledgeable, courteous technical support, that generates and sustains long-term relationships.

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