Enabling Energy Efficiency

Measurlogic is the Smart Energy Management preferred platform to streamline productivity, manage building performance, administer reporting and maximize profits.

Enabling Energy Efficiency has been the motivation for the team at Measurlogic for developing an advanced technological selection of Smart Revenue Grade Electrical Energy Sub-Meters and Practical Electrical Data Acquisition Systems.

Measurlogic is an American manufacturer and distributor based in Centennial, Colorado. The company was founded in 2000 on over 30 years of experience in the design, manufacture, sales and support of precision instrumentation, energy mitigation products, electrical monitoring meters and energy management systems.

Measurlogic serves the commercial and industrial markets, both domestic and international.Contact us before you start your metering project and we will be glad to assist you in the development and design of your system. We can provide you the smartest, most efficient and cost-effective solution available.