Passive Sensors 70082/70085

AI-Tek 70085-1010-323 variable reluctance sensors are essential for control and protection circuits.

Passive magnetic speed sensors can provide a signal from the inside of an aircraft engine at temperatures approaching 425° C or from the hub of an automobile wheel at high shock and vibration.


  • Great reliability
  • Easy installation
  • No moving parts or contacts resulting in a long lasting sensor
  • Self-powered operation
  • Large assortment of shapes and sizes
  • Simple alignment
  • Sensor can be designed for almost any environment
Passive Sensors 70082/70085

Passive Sensors 70082/70085

Technical Details

Power Supply

Power Supply Voltage: 4.5 - 24 Vdc
Power Supply Current: 50 mA maximum


Output Voltage: Essentially square wave fanout to 10 TTL inputs
TTL Compatible: 50% ±15% duty cycle
Logic 0: +.6 Vdc maximum
Logic 1: +4 to +4.6 Vdc @ 5mA


Supply Tracking: 50% ±15% duty cycle
Logic 0: +.6 Vdc maximum
Logic 1: Vo = Vs x RL RL + 2.2k


Output Impedance: 2.2K Ohms ±5%
Output Current: 20 mA sink maximum
Output Current - Short Circuit: 5 mA maximum with 10V power supply
Reverse Battery Voltage: -30 Vdc