Process Sensors Corporation offers the widest range of pyrometers, thermal imaging systems and blackbody sources on the market. Unique application solutions, extensive Global support and technical competency position Process Sensors as a worldwide industry leader.

Therefore, in parallel with the development of their products, we have always put the consumer at the forefront of their technical and strategic plans. Their customers, partners, products and their dedicated employees have built Process Sensors the world class operation it is today.

From the outset, PSC has recognized from the beginning that product excellence would be an important factor in the company’s success and growth. Just as important, however is the support and care of our customer base.

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Distinguishing characteristics that set Process Sensors apart from the competition.


Industries and Applications

The following illustrates all the different areas PSC sensors can be used in by industrial segment then by application.

Cement Industry:

  • Cold clinker in bucket elevator or conveyor belt

  • Outer wall of cylindrical rotary kiln

  • Sinter zones


  • Enamel frits

  • Graphite heating

  • Graphite mixture

  • Heat resistant ceramics and roof tiles

  • High pressure sintering (HIP process)

  • Sintering ceramics

  • Tunnel oven

Chemical, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical

  • Claus plant

  • Drying of powders and granulate

  • Flame recognition

  • Pill manufacture

  • Stirring and kneading machines

Electronic Industry

  • Lamp manufacturers

  • Surface-mounted electronic components

Foodstuffs, Paper, Textile Processing

  • Chocolate processing

  • Drying

  • Fruit juice filling units

  • Tobacco drying

Glass industry

  • Float glass, cooling ovens

  • Glass drops

  • Glass forming

  • Glass rods

  • Glass walls

  • Glass/metal sealing

  • Glowing and hardening of glass

  • Measurement in the Feeder

  • Molten glass

  • Molybdenum plates in melting ovens

  • Shaped tubes

  • Tempering and bending

  • TV tubes, bulbs

Iron and Steel Industry- Blast furnaces

  • Coke oven plants

  • Continuous casting

  • Cowper

  • Foundries

  • Hot strip mills, hot rolling plants

  • Molten metals

  • Pellets on conveyor belts

Mechanical engineering and turnkey eqt.

  • Bottle labeling machines

  • Glue track measurements

  • Plasma coating eqt.

  • Plasma cutting

  • Robot controls

  • Shaping of honeycomb structures

  • Metalworking

  • Annealing

  • Coating

  • Coil coating

  • Conductive Heating

  • Continuous press

  • Flame tempering

  • Forging

  • Friction welding

  • Galvanized coatings

  • Induction heating

  • Inductive tempering

  • Laser cracking

  • Laser tempering

  • Shape measurements

  • Sintering

  • Tempering

  • Tempering hardness

  • Thixotropic shaping

  • Vacuum soldering


  • Continuous annealing

  • Continuous heating

  • Drying ovens

  • Furnaces

  • Pusher type ovens

  • Vacuum ovens

  • Walking beam furnaces

Plastic and Rubber

  • Calendering and grinding

  • Coating

  • Curing

  • Extruders

  • Heat forming

  • Mixing mill

  • Packing and sealing

  • Plastic Materials

  • Plastic sheet

  • Shape measurements

  • Tire temperature

Semiconductor Industry

  • Crystal growing

  • Wafer coating

  • Wafer heat treatment

Waste disposal plants

  • Flame temperatures(oil, coal)

  • Heat beds

  • Pariculate measurements (smokestake currents)

  • Wall temperatures in cylindrical burner