PSC - Moisture

Online Moisture Measurement for Process Industries Worldwide

Process Sensors Corporation (PSC) is a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art moisture gauges and sensors, providing the most accurate and reliable moisture measurement available for quality control in manufacturing processes, for industries worldwide.

PSC's MCT Series moisture analyzers and transmitters, employ true Smart Sensor Technology (SST®), next generation optics and stable electronics, to meet the increasingly stringent quality controls required by today's manufacturing industries, and to provide innovative process control solutions for maximum on-line manufacturing productivity, cost efficiency and profitability.

Process Sensors Moisture Gauges have All Field-Replaceable Components, require No-Re-Calibration and No Routine Maintenance and come with a Comprehensive 2-Year Warranty.

PSC is now the world's number one supplier of on-line near infrared (NIR) moisture sensors for the continuous monitoring and measurement of moisture, coatweight, oils and other constituents, in the manufacture of tobacco, food products (including snack foods), animal food and wood products, as well as the paper/converting industry, pharmaceutical manufacture, the chemical industry, minerals and various bulk materials, and a wide diversity of other manufacturing industries throughout the world.

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PSC Transmitters are used routinely in various industries including:

  • Food (cereals, crackers, cookies, coffee, sugar, milk powders)

  • Snack foods (potato chips, corn chips, tacos)

  • Paper converting (labels, films, office forms, fax paper)

  • Chemical powders (PVC)

  • Tobacco processing (cigarette manufacturing, leaf processing)

  • Panelboard (MDF, Particleboard, OSB)

  • Minerals (iron ore, bauxite, coal)

  • And many, many other applications


Animal Food Products

  • Fish Meals

  • Grass, Alfalfa, etc.

  • Soya Meals

  • Hard Pet Foods

  • Beet Pulp

  • Spent Brewer's Grains

  • Soft Pet Foods

  • Bone & Meat Meal

  • Fish Food Pellets

  • Cornmeal

Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

  • Fertilizer Pellets

  • Powders

  • Plastic Granules/Pellets

  • Soap Noodles

  • Detergent Powders

  • PVC Powders

  • Crumb Rubber

  • Soap Powders/Flakes

  • Explosives & Nitrocellulose

Human Food Products

  • Finished Cereals

  • Crackers

  • Olives

  • Roast and Ground Coffee

  • Tea

  • Milk Powders

  • Potato Flakes, Potato Starch

  • Potato Chips

  • Flours

  • Sugar, in Process

  • In Process Cereal Products

  • Cookies

  • Instant Coffee

  • Soya Products

  • Corn Meal

  • Powder Drinks

  • Salt

  • Breadcrumbs

  • Sausage/Deli Meat Casings

  • Dried Diced Fruit & Vegetables

  • Flavorings/Spices

  • Gelatine

  • Nuts

  • Dried Yeast

  • Soup Powder

  • Ground Fresh Meat

  • Pectin

  • Grated Cheese