Distributed Transmitter Monitors DTM Series

Fully Digital

The DTM series digital transmitter monitor is ProvibTech’s vibration monitor, vibration transmitter and vibration switch all rolled into one package. Each DTM module can be operated independently or networked together to create a machine protection system. It has all the functionalities of an API 670 multi-channel monitor plus a unique field linearization feature which enables the use of any manufacturers’ probe and extension cable combination. DTM modules are fully programmable, flexible, and highly reliable.

Fully Programmable and Flexible

The DTM is modular in nature and can easily be expanded into a larger vibration system with the addition of a:

  • DTM10 (Proximity Probe Sensor Module)
  • DTM20 (Case Vibration Sensors Module)
  • DTM30 (Temperature Module)
  • DTM96 (Communication Module)
  • DTM-CFG (Configuration Software)
Distributed Transmitter Monitors DTM Series

Distributed Transmitter Monitors DTM Series