Dual Input Digital Tachometer T77630

The TACHTROL 30 computing tachometer measures input frequency. This dual channel instrument also converts the resulting quantities to an analog output, utility RS485 communication, 2 solid state and 2 mechanical relay functions.

The TACHTROL 30 and TACHTROL 10 accept an extensive range of AC or DC power. These instruments have great accuracy, processing speed, response time and can be used in rate period or counter mode.

Typically, the new TACHTROL 30 or 10 are used with magnetic sensors as a signal source. However, they may receive sine wave or square wave TTL signals from any frequency source including phase-shifted frequencies from bi-directional hall sensors to indicate change in direction.

  • Quicker Response Time: 7.6 ms (analog & display), 16.5 ms (mech. relays), 2ms (dig. relays)
  • Higher Level of Accuracy: 0.1% (analog & display), 0.005% (relays)
  • Field Programmable: Using TACHLINK or TACHTROL plus
  • Digital Configuration: Approaches real time
  • Analog Outputs: 0 -20 mA, 4-20 mA, -20 to 0 to +20 mA
  • Relays: (2) Mechanical form C, 6 A @ 277 Vac, (2) solid state Form A 0.4 A @ 60 Vac or DC
  • Digital Display: Accepts (8) TACHTROL plus remote displays
  • Computed Functions: 9
Dual Input Digital Tachometer T77630

Dual Input Digital Tachometer T77630

Technical Details

  • Wide range of AC or DC power (12-30 Vdc, 80-264Vac 50-60Hz)
  • Greatly improved instrument accuracy, processing speed and response time.
  • Frequency, period or counter modes.
  • User-defined inputs for logic level, averaging, alarm set points and hysteresis,
  • Signal normalization and math functions allow mathematical manipulation of input signals. Results can be displayed along with user-defined units.
  • Accepts sinusoidal and square wave inputs as found in variable reluctance and digital output speed sensors.
  • Accepts bi-directional sensor inputs and will decode quadrature or direction signal logic
  • 2 solid state relays (fast response time) and 2 mechanical relays (high power)
  • Analog output: 0-20mA, 4-20mA, -20-0-(+) 20mA (can be used with bi-directional sensor)
  • Two programming methods: Front panel on display or USB2.0 connectivity to PC / Windowsbased TACHLINK.
  • Utility RS485 communication allows full TACHLINK function over longer distances (up to 8000 ft)
  • Drives up to 7 remote displays (TACHTROL plus). A single display can be up to 1000 ft away with a simple RJ11 (phone jack) connection. Longer runs, cable type and number of displays will affect distance.
  • Security mode protects unauthorized access for programming or alarm resets (through display or TACHLINK)
  • Environmentally hardened for temperature, vibration and shock. EMC / CE compliant to current BS / EN directives.
  • Has integrated display and will mount in same panel opening as TACHTROL 3
  • Display capabilities include two independent output channels for speed, count period or equation results, Alarm status / security, Mode, User defined units for each channel, 128x64 LCD graphics display with backlight.
  • Designed and manufactured compliant with RoHS.
Ordering P/N Input Power Enclosure Net Weight (lbs.)
T77610-10 80-264 Vac/12-30 Vdc Std. Panel Mount 0.8
T77610-40 80-264 Vac/12-30 Vdc NEMA 4X 3.9
T77610-70 80-264 Vac/12-30 Vdc Explosion Proof 42.0
T77630-10 80-264 Vac/12-30 Vdc Std. Panel Mount 0.9
T77630-40 80-264 Vac/12-30 Vdc NEMA 4X 4.0
T77630-70 80-264 Vac/12-30 Vdc Explosion Proof 42.0

Product Information

Programming Features

Programming has been greatly simplified and can be accomplished by 2 different methods. Many configurable attributes have been added to improve flexibility and function.

  • Display front panel: TACHTROL 10 and 30 can be programmed through the integrated display/membrane panel. TACHPAK 10 and 30 can also be programmed in the same manner with the addition of a TACHTROL plus remote display. In either case programming is accomplished by navigating through a series of nested menus. In the case of tachometer instruments embedded in explosion proof or NEMA 4X enclosures, remote access solves the problem of programming by making use of an IR link to allow full front panel control via a hand-held remote.
  • PC / Windows-based TACHLINK: Custom software allows the user to program all configurable attributes of TACHPAK and TACHTROL by PC via a USB2.0 or RS485 connection. In addition, the PC can be used to display data, perform security functions, diagnostics, analog output calibration and real-time data logging; all available through the TACHLINK.


  • Fast response overspeed shutdown
  • 2 Channel Speed/Draw Monior
  • Bi-directional Tachometer
  • Reverse Rotation Alarm
  • Low Speed Tachometer
  • Clutch Slip Alarm
  • Winder Control
  • Ahead/Astern Marine Tachometer
  • Expanded analog Scale Speed Transmitter
  • Flow Rate Monitor 
  • Process Time Monitor
  • Time per Event Monitor
  • Autoranging Tachometer
  • Computer Signal Conditioner
  • Averaging Tachometer
  • Line Frequency Monitor 60.00 Hz/400.0 Hz
  • RS485 Speed Transmitter