FloClean Meter - B16N

The B16N FloClean turbine flow meter is similar to the B16D sanitary version but was developed specifically for pre-process food and beverage applications that require high accuracy without 3-A approval.

B16D Sanitary FloClean

B16D Sanitary FloClean

Technical Details

Ferrule Size

  • 0.984...3.047 in. (25...77.4 mm)


  • ±1.0% of reading


  • ±0.1%

Pressure Rating:

  • 1,000 psi (Rating based on tri-clamp sanitary connection)

Temperature Rating:

  • –150…300° F (–100…149° C)

Operating Principle

Fluid entering the meter passes through the inlet flow straightener, which reduces its turbulent flow pattern and improves the fluid’s velocity profile. Fluid then passes through the turbine, causing it to rotate at a speed proportional to the fluid velocity. As each turbine blade passes through the magnetic field, the blade generates an AC voltage pulse in the pickup coil at the base of the magnetic pickup. These pulses produce an output frequency proportional to the volumetric flow through the meter. The output frequency represents flow rate and/or totalization of fluid passing through the turbine flow meter.