Moisture Analyzer for Food Grade - MCT 466-SF

Stainless Steel Near Infrared (NIR) Moisture Gauge

A Reliable, Rugged Moisture Gauge System for the Food Industry
Each MCT466-SF moisture gauge system consists of a stainless steel gauge and a stainless steel Operator Interface. The gauge is normally located over a conveying system and is connected by a proprietary heat resistant cable to the Operator Interface. The Operator Interface produces 4-20mA, 0-10 vdc, RS232/485 outputs, along with bus connections such as Ethernet, Profibus, Modbus, etc.

The MCT466-SF is made up of 5 basic components: a quartz halogen lamp, a filter wheel motor, multiple NIR interference filters in a rotating filter wheel assembly, a Lead Sulfide detector and a single “smart” circuit board. The MCT466-SF is fully modular – each of these components can be replaced in the field within minutes.

Moisture Analyzer for Food Grade - MCT466-SF

Moisture Analyzer for Food Grade - MCT466-SF

Technical Details

  • 316 Stainless Steel enclosure
  • Single proprietary heat resistant cable from gauge to Operator Interface
  • Stainless Steel Operator Interface with bright, 5.7” Touchscreen Display
  • All current, voltage and bus connections located at Operator Interface
  • New micro controller, high performance, dual core architecture. One core dedicated to NIR signal acquisition, the other programmed to manage computations and communications options
  • Samples entire NIR signal train for increased measurement accuracy
  • Embedded bootloader allows sensor firmware to be upgraded through USB or serial interface
  • Filter wheel speed adjustment through software
  • Temperature controlled PbS detector for enhanced stability
  • Built in cooling panel and air purge assembly