Moisture Analyzer for Wood Products - MCT 460-WP

Wood Products Moisture Transmitter

A Robust, Flexible & Accurate Transmitter
The MCT460-WP remains a total hands-off gauge. Upon installation, simply adjust the zero and put the gauge to work! There is no routine maintenance or re-calibration. Calibration check standards are available for confirmation of long term gauge stability.

  • New micro controller, high performance, dual core architecture. One core dedicated to NIR signal acquisition, the other programmed to manage computations and communications options
  • Samples entire NIR signal train for increased measurement accuracy
  • Proprietary Filter combination and algorithm for wood products
  • Embedded bootloader allows sensor firmware to be upgraded through USB or serial interface
  • Ergonomically sound IP67 cast aluminum enclosure
  • Temperature controlled PbS detector for enhanced stability
  • Built in cooling panel and Air Purge Assembly
Moisture Analyzer for Wood Products - MCT 460-WP

Moisture Analyzer for Wood Products - MCT 460-WP

Operating Principle

How does the MCT460-WP Measure Moisture?
Water molecules contain O-H bonds which absorb light energy in a specific region of the NIR spectrum. The more water that is present, the greater the energy that is absorbed.

The MCT460-WP houses a quartz halogen lamp which channels energy through a rotating wheel containing NIR filters, one positioned at a wavelength where water absorbs and others positioned at reference wavelengths where there’s no absorption by water.

Pulses of light illuminate the product and the diffused reflected light is collected by a concave mirror and focused onto a single temperature controlled detector. Detector signals are processed to give a read-out proportional to the concentration of water. Resin measurements are based upon the O-H and C-H bonds.